Lowndes Dlamini recognises the need of an organisation and its members to give back to society to improve the quality of life in the community. We recognise and perform the obligations we have towards our people, clients, stakeholders and the community as a whole.

We further recognise that our responsibility is not only an external one, but an internal obligation in the manner we treat our clients, employees and suppliers.

Client responsibility

Lowndes Dlamini’s commitment to its clients, employees and suppliers is:

  • To integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our clients, employees and suppliers.
  • To take the time to regularly review our policies to ensure that they not only align with the values of Lowndes Dlamini – but also with the objectives of our clients.
  • To make a concerted effort to understand the needs, values and objectives of our clients.
  • To be open and honest in our communication with clients. Also when communicating our strategies, targets, performance and governance to our clients in our continual commitment to sustainable development.

Community responsibility

Lowndes Dlamini recognises that in order to build a healthy society we have to accept our social, economic and environmental responsibilities in our community.

The Firm believes in the power of education and strives to empower individuals. Therefore the Firm has focused its CSR policy to include educational and pro-bono legal assistance. The Firm supports its members and employees by providing financial assistance for furthering their education in legal fields. It also considers pro-bono legal work for organisations and persons who cannot afford legal services.

  • Lowndes Dlamini also supports and encourages employees to help local community organisations and activities in our community.
  • We operate an equal opportunity policy for all present and potential future employees, offer our employees clear and fair terms of employment and provide resources to enable their continual development.
  • We annually review potential community initiatives that align with the values of our firm.
  • Initiatives that support excellence in education, especially in the legal field, integrity in people, respect for knowledge and stability in needy communities will all be considered by Lowndes Dlamini as potential partnerships or support initiatives.

For more information on our Corporate Social Responsibility policies please contact Theo Miltiadous - theo@lowndes.co.za.