Lowndes Dlamini is a completely non-discriminatory firm. We strive to increase the numbers of previously disadvantaged individuals, especially as new entrants to the profession as well as on the paralegal level. We are committed to encouraging diversity and eliminating discrimination in both our role as an employer and as a provider of services.

At Lowndes Dlamini we support a culture that respects and values the differences of all people, we promote dignity, equality and diversity while encouraging individuals to develop and maximise their true potential.

The workforce at Lowndes Dlamini reflects the firm’s commitment to equal opportunity employment, and mirrors the community in which we operate. It is also our policy to improve the skills of our individuals in-house and to promote them within the ranks.

Those who wish to study law or related fields are given every opportunity and are encouraged to do so. Positions will be made available for such persons to become candidate attorneys and thereafter with prospects of partnership for the right candidates.


Lowndes Dlamini’s commitment to Equality and Diversity is:

  • To increase the number of black people, including black women, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.
  • To increase our present target levels of shareholding by black people as well as management within the next two years.
  • To further train individuals to improve their skills in-house so that they may be promoted up to any level in the company.
  • To have previously disadvantaged people actively involved in the management of the businesses and commits to give preference to BEE candidates in the case of new appointments or promotions to ensure that BEE representation in managerial positions is increased.
  • To support and encourage development of black owned enterprises by means of infrastructural operational and financial support.
  • To create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all our employees, partners and stakeholders are recognised and valued.


All employees, partners and stakeholders have the individual responsibility to:

  • Follow procedures introduced to ensure equal opportunity and non-discrimination;
  • To draw the attention of management to suspected or alleged discriminatory practices;
  • To refrain from harassing or intimidating other employees, partners, stakeholders or volunteers, clients or visitors of Lowndes Dlamini on any of the grounds cited in the policy statement.

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)

Lowndes Dlamini is BEE compliant and a Level 1 contributor. The firm has been rated by BEE-Matrix (Pty) Limited.

For more information on our Diversity policy, please contact Theo Miltiadous - theo@lowndes.co.za.

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