Lowndes Dlamini values the environment and is not oblivious to the impact society has on nature. We constantly endeavor to make sure our impact is as positive as possible, while complying with all environmental, legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to our firm.

We take a collective approach to furthering sustainability in our firm while also managing our individual impact on the environment in the way we consume and dispose of resources.

A due diligence report on the potential of implementing a sustainability strategy to reduce the firm’s environmental footprint, has identified key opportunities where we can improve our performance. At Lowndes Dlamini we are committed to making the necessary changes in our carbon, water usage, waste management and procurement strategy to ensure that we run a sustainable firm.

Our overall environmental footprint – although it is considered as ‘low’ –needs to be reduced. This is a task that we imprint on our staff, suppliers and clients.

Within our firm encourage staff to continue to identify, measure and reduce any significant environmental impacts, and in this manner we are constantly lowering our environmental footprint. We recognise that this is as an ongoing process.

Our priorities in this area include:

  • Constantly reviewing our sustainability practices to ensure that reduction in waste, electricity, carbon emissions and water usage is achieved.
  • To raise awareness among our suppliers, staff and clients on green issues and issues affecting the environment.
  • To dramatically reduce paper usage where electronic copies of documents suffice.
  • To continuously investigate potential reduction strategies and to apply them to our management systems.
  • To encourage and reward behavioural changes among our employees that will leave a lasting, positive impact on the environment.
  • To reduce our direct GHG emissions by considering practical solutions to lowering our carbon footprint when travelling for business purposes. 

For more information on the firm’s ‘Due diligence for Environmental footprint reductions and implementation of a Sustainability Reporting System’ study, please contact Gillian Lowndes - gillian@lowndes.co.za.