Lowndes Dlamini has a committed team of outstanding lawyers with specialist skills, training and experience in their respective fields.

Alex Wright


BA LLB (Rhodes University)
Notary and conveyancer

General commercial litigation, property disputes, risk and insolvency litigation, engineering litigation as well as fraud related matters and banking law.

Alex has been practicing as an attorney, notary and conveyancer since 1998, previously a partner at Holtmann Wright she joined the firm in 2008. Alex specialises in commercial litigation, forensic and fraud related matters and property disputes for financial institutions as well as engineering and construction law.

Allan Lowndes

Senior Partner

B. Comm LLB (Rhodes University)

Allan is the senior partner of the firm. He is renowned for his transaction experience, litigation and alternate / dispute resolution excellence. His extensive experience pertains to the following areas:

  • Banking
  • Commercial and corporate litigation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Engineering and construction
  • Insolvency / liquidations
  • Commercial property finance

Gillian Lowndes


B. Comm LLB (Wits University)

All matters pertaining to family and child law, both defended and undefended divorce, primary residency and contact, commercial issues arising from matrimonial and divorce related matters.

Gillian was admitted as an attorney in January 1998. She practiced as such until February 2002 and was then admitted as a member of the Johannesburg Society of Advocates. She was re-admitted as an attorney and has acted in the areas of commercial litigation and matrimonial law. She now specialises in matrimonial law and is in the process of completing her masters in family law.

Please have a look at Gillian’s blog for more information and topical articles: www.divorceattorneyjoburg.co.za.

Joy Dlamini




All areas, particularly practice development and human resources.

Joy joined the partnership in June 2006. She graduated with an LLB from UDW. In addition to this she obtained a Master of Business Administration and has diplomas in the drafting of legislation and contracts. Joy is the founder of BEEL (a consortium of 24 Black lawyers) and is the lead lawyer for the Rationalisation of Laws Program for the Provincial Treasury. Joy works in all areas of the practice, particularly in practice development and human resources.

Marleen Cowley


B. Proc (UFS)
AIPSA Diploma in Insolvency Law and Practice

Banking, property and insolvency related litigation.

Marleen was admitted as an attorney in 1989. She joined the firm in January 2002 and was promoted to the position of partner in March 2003. Marleen previously practiced as a partner in the firm Johan Jacobs & Malcolm Moodie of Kempton Park. She is a member of the Association of Insolvency Practitioners, a Commissioner of the Small Claims Court and regularly sits as a member of a Fees Assessment Committee of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces.

Patricia Lagarto


B. Proc degree (UNISA)

Banking law, home loan recoveries, debt review & asset-based finance.

Patricia has been practicing as an attorney since her admission in 2002, she was previously a senior associate at Hammond Pole Attorneys and joined the firm in 2009.

Patricia specialises in home loan recoveries and litigation as well as asset-based technology finance, debt review, evictions and vehicle & asset finance recoveries.

Theo Miltiadous


BA LLB (Wits University)
Notary and conveyancer

Property Law, all aspects of Notarial Work and Conveyancing.

General commercial, property & asset finance, Wills and Trusts, Administration of estates and Antenuptial contracts.

Theo joined the firm 2003 when he was appointed of the Head of the Conveyancing department.

He oversees all aspects of conveyancing and notarial work for both the commercial and residential sector.

He also attends to: the registration of all types of mortgage bonds including commercial bonds, transfers, opening of sectional title registers, consolidations, subdivisions and township development.

The department prides itself in having a number of commercial banks as its clients.

Tejal Harri

Professional Assistant

LLB (University of Pretoria)

Banking, commercial and corporate litigation, engineering and construction, insolvency & liquidations, commercial property finance .

Tejal was admitted as an attorney in June 2006. She was previously employed at Hardam and Associates in Centurion and thereafter joined the corporate world for a short period until she realised that litigation is still her passion and therefore joined the firm in March 2014. Tejal has experience in commercial and corporate litigation, banking litigation, insolvency related litigation and insurance litigation.